New Budget towards Make in India

Finance minister Arun Jaitley has presented the budget in which nothing much is there for smart phone users. Arun Jaitley has said that there is increase in custom duty on smart phones from 15% to 20%. It means that the smart phones manufactured in India will not get affect but the phones coming from other countries will get costlier than before.

On this number of mobile companies has given their views-

Nokia’s manufacturer in Finland HMD Global India’s vice President – Ajay Mehta has said that they will continue to work hard on PM Narendra Modi’s Make in India campaign and this increase in custom duty will not affect them much as most of the Nokia models are manufacturing in India for now.

Chinese smartphone makers Coolpad India has said that there is nothing much for manufacturing sector in this budget, there is a good news for agriculture sector and rural economy but not for smart phone manufacturers. They also claimed that it seems to be like a big pressure on both smart phone users and for those who want to get their phones repaired as because spare parts are less available in India.

Increasing the custom duty is a good step to promote manufacturing in India. It will increase innovation.

And this is the one more step towards MAKE IN INDIA.