Tips to reduce battery consumption

Generally, we all as the phone users have complaint of low battery. Most of the time our phone gets switched off even when it is less in use. So there are some tips to reduce the battery consumption of your phones.



  • Keep the vibration off: In the settings part of your phone you will find an option to stop the vibration. One can stop the vibration of the phone or the vibration occurs at the time of typing anything. It will affect the battery backup of your phone a lot.
  • Location Search option: As you all know that there is a option in phones for location search and most of the users left it on for permanent basis. It consumes lot of battery as when you move from one place to another it starts searching ones location. So it is advices to keep if off when not required to reduce loss of battery.
  • Updation: One should update their phones and apps on regular basis as it will improve the performance of both phone and battery.
  • Wifi and data : If you keep your wifi on for all the time, then it will consume very high percentage of battery as it will continue to search for the wifi networks all the time. Secondly make sure you will close your data when not in use.
  • Useless Apps: One has advised to uninstall those apps which are not useful for you. Even some gaming apps use lots of battery so you should check and uninstall those games.