Google Introduced filter to Block Online Advertisements

Many of you might be getting fed up from the online advertisements coming on your screens at the time of web searches or working online. Sometimes these unwanted advertisements irritate or disturbs us a lot while working. So now Google has introduced a new filter in its Chrome Brower to block these advertisements and with this even number of advertisements from Google itself can be blocked.

The main motive to introduce this filter is to stop those online advertisements which disturb the users. One can block all the advertisements on Chrome and it will include advertisements from Google also. Behind this filter one other motive is also there to convince users to stop the use of ad blocking software’s

as due to these add blocking software’s publishers will not able to get the revenues generated from the Ad blocking.

Apart from this company wants to pursue this interest and will judge the response. Even Google online advertising market dominates with Facebook.

Whenever user blocks any advertisement then Google will receive a notification on the same and if a user is willing to see that advertisement then the suitable options are also available over there.