Emerging trends of technology and science

Technology has come across a long way in the last few years. There was a time when a basic mobile phone was the most developed form of technology and now when day by day, a new concept of communication is being added to the system, technology has become the greatest power in the hands of human. Recently there has been addition to all kinds of fields including medicine, artificial intelligence, self teaching and NLP. 

 2018 has been a great year in terms of development in technology and realization of human requirements at precision level. IT has predicted that artificial intelligence would be able to beat a human go game in 2027. Alpha go zero which was an Artificial Intelligence device took 40 days to become the best go player for the whole history of mankind.  Alpha go learnt the entire process by himself and without any sort of human intervention.  After this, Data management has also become more approachable in terms of clarity and higher vision.  Chief data officers have proposed go change the methods of data management so as to procure maximum benefit out of it. It has been suggested that firms should consider the it department into I and t separately and chief data officers should be formally given responsibility of data management as well as protection 

The year has been a good year for tech savvy gadgets as well. Smart devices are now able to interact, can operate semi autonomously have been advanced and outcomes have been fantastic.  These are also called intelligent things. With the help of such devices we would be able to make smart homes and may be smart cities as well. Security is another area which has progressed in this year as well. The incident of UBER or Verizon in 2017 has left a question mark for the security at individual as well as nation level, which in turn has created havoc around the globe. However the tech has now increased activity towards security and creates a web of interconnected security network so that each one of us can trust our security again.  Block chain technology has improved in 2018. Also zero knowledge proof has come into play and has been adding advancements to its server that will be responsible for securing users privacy with the help of mathematics.  Carta consists of evaluation of trust, determination and risk factors to enhance the security level.

Last but not the least, Augmented reality is another feature that has improved in 2018. Apple and Google have already launched their AR kits and is expected to become mainstream in the nearby future.  Chat bots has been trending a lot in the last few years. It is also expected that Chat bots will be at the top by the end of 2023. In this scenario, the activities in the technology world would be self managed and human intervention would become very much limited. The humans are going to be learning needed in many areas and machines would be working with same or even more efficiency.